We are a consulting team composed of retired industrial engineers. We all have nearly 40 years of comprehensive experience in management, manufacturing, quality control, products, market, etc. We are happy to provide two free management consulting sessions.
The first two hours: understanding the current situation of your business and finding out what difficulties require external assistance. If you are now in a good place and do not need much improvement, we will help adjusting some business details, work methods to ensure smooth management.
The second two hours: Providing directions of improvement, key points and steps, or external resources that can be used.
The above mentioned is a professional consultation process. After consultation, you may decide how to integrate external resources to meet your improvement and development priority, and strengthen your business. Of course, we can also serve as one of your external resources.
  As a semi-non-profit consulting firm that values providing service and helping people with our work, we don’t mind the size of your company or whether the problem is complicated. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We value your consultation!

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Please feel free to contact Louis Chen +886-27720-8568, Louis.chen@nodeie.com, he will arrange a free consultation as soon as possible.
We wish you a successful business.

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