Integration Services

1. Production Management
  • Production system optimization, adjustment, and redesign
    Integration and control of manufacturing system and process
  • Production planning, control and analysis.
  • Capacity planning and analysis.
  • Improving work efficiency and productivity and reducing.
  • Optimized operation techniques, and introduction of IE's new systems, such as agile manufacturing, OPT, ERP, reengineering, etc.
  • Improving the use of application software such as ERP, SEM, PLM, etc.
 2. Manufacturing Management 
  • Integration and control of manufacturing systems and processes.
  • On-site management system and technology optimization.
  • Design and improvement of work methods.
  • Operating standard time.
  • Design of manufacturing process, fixtures and tools.
  • Factory layout and industrial safety operations.
  • Designing and improving organization, work methods and operating procedures.
  • Analyzing, measuring, improving, formulating, and evaluating production aids such as work quotas, labor quotas, working position apparatus, etc.
  • Improving employee skills and competence by using mobile tools.
  • Integrating manufacturing and service platforms to provide proper improvements.
  • Selection of fabrication techniques
  • Equipment selection and layout planning.
  • Manufacturing performance evaluation.

3. Procurement/Supply System Management
  • Inventory planning of goods or materials.
  • Supplier planning, inventory management, and cost and profit analysis.
  • Establishing robust material planning management and order processing.
  • Warehousing planning and management, and procurement support.
  • Purchasing procedures and inventory tracking and control.
  • In-house / outsourcing decision analysis.

4. Material Management
  • Material management.
  • Developing logistics management system and technology.
  • Setting material quantity standard.
  • Measuring, improving, formulating and performing cost accounting of consumption quotas for materials, energy, etc.
  • Inventory management.
  • Material specification analysis and requirements planning.

5. Product Management
  • Product development system and engineering.
  • Providing new products and services quickly and strengthening innovation capabilities.
  • Meeting mass customization demands in the market.
  • Studying different network objects in order to analyze products’ competitiveness in the market.
  • Accelerating new products R&D and shortening the time to market.
  • Product analysis – make or buy analysis.

6. Quality Management
  • Quality system and engineering.
  • Quality analysis and control.
  • Obtaining customer experience (or complaints) to improve product quality.
  • Continuously reviewing and improving production footprint and resume to ensure product quality.

7. Business Management
  • Enterprise design, diagnosis and management.
  • Establishing performance appraisal and reward system.
  • Business process improvement.
  • System and policy design.
  • Dealing with different requirements between companies, such as communications, database, software applications, etc.
  • Real-time remote control of businesses to avoid errors.
  • Applying existing rules of thumb and operational know-how to enhance global competitiveness.
  • Strengthening HRM mechanism
  • Competency training
  • Customer satisfaction management/analysis
  • Project management
  • Building and managing customer relations
  • Business process management
  • Investment evaluation
8. Financial Management
  • Financial analysis and control
  • Cost calculation and analysis
  • Reducing ICT costs
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Cost factor analysis