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NodeIE Business Forum_Topic: Improve Your Execution and Efficiency

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Topic : Improve Your Execution and Efficiency

  “Execution” can be an abstract concept. Statistically, execution means the ability to do things autonomously while taking responsibility for own actions. The most fundamental difference between those who have achieved great causes and those who muddle along is that successful people know how to be responsible. No one can push you to succeed, and no one can prevent you from achieving your goals. Execution is the ability of organizations to implement strategies, representing the quality of implementation and goal evaluation. Of course, it is also closely related to the results of business operations.


Course Outline :

  1. 1.  Understanding execution – the most easily neglected key issue for businesses

    1.   Execution refers to the operational ability to implement strategic intent and accomplish predetermined goals. Execution can be divided into individual execution, team execution and company execution. Individual execution is the ability to do things, team execution is combat power, and company execution is management capability. In fact, no matter it is the execution of individuals, teams or companies, it is actually the execution of employees and managers.   The role of managers is not only to formulate strategies and give orders, but more importantly, they must have good execution to create an executive culture in the company and cultivate their subordinates.
  2. 2.  Four execution indicators you should have

    1.   a. 
      Mutual encouragement among employees.
      Completing tasks in cooperation with others.
      No procrastination when faced with problems.
      Self-review and follow-up.
  4. 3.  Concept innovation, making "responsibility" your belief

    1.   a. 
      Rebuilding professionalism.
      The differences between taking on responsibility and being responsible.
      Stop seeing your boss as an enemy.
      Pay attention to every detail.
  6. 4.  Why is time never enough

    1.   a. 
      The struggle with improving efficiency.
      Why habits are so difficult to change.
  7. 5.  How to improve efficiency and get started quickly

    1.   a. Find the core of work from responsibilities.   d.  Correct the misconceptions about time.
        b. See the key points from prevention.   e. Reasonable distribution of priorities.
        c. How to arrange things most efficiently ?    

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