NodeIE Consulting Business Forum Case Study- Warehouse Automation lmplementation

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Case Study-
Warehouse Automation lmplementation


 Customer: US leading wine and spirits distributor
  • Project Spending: 15 millions US $
  • Project Scope :          
    Two 3-level pick modules throughput @ 44 cases per minute.
    b. 7 to 1 merger @240’ per minute
    c. 7 line sorter @ 300 diverts per minute
  • Project Deliverables
    Head count reduction: 10% direct labor
    b. Throughput capacity: 2,400 cases per hour
    c. Slotting: 95% of fast moving items

Storage Locations Capacity
  • Increased overall number of storage locations
  • Improved storage cube utilization
  • Alignment of pick locations to order profile
  • Setup for future inventory growth


Productivity Improvements

  • Reduced picking errors
  • Increased picking capacity (throughput)
  • Quick productivity gain realization
  • Continued positive productivity trends